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The War Machine

There are some images from The War Remnants Museum that I simply can not and will not share as they are far too disturbing. Images of the aftermath of the chemical warfare that will make your stomach turn, and other image from the battlefield that would make you thankful that your stomach is still inside your torso. War is bad. Very very bad. I believe Jay Moore said it best… “well that was a sobering experience”

The Tunnels of Cu Chi

One of the primary things I wanted to see while in Vietnam was some of the historic landmarks of the Vietnam War, or as the Vietnamese called it, The Resistance War Against America — they obviously had a drastically different perspective. The 75-mile long network of complex tunnels is a true testament to the determination and ingenuity of the Vietnamese soldiers. It’s also a stark reminder of just how bad wars are, but more on that later…

Late Night Train To Saigon

That’s got a nice ring to it — like the title of some new Angelina Jolie movie.

Vietnam was just getting better and better by the minute and Ho Chi Minh city (f.k.a. Saigon) would soon prove to be no exception. It’s always a great relief when you have high hopes for something and you’re not in the least bit let down.

New Years 2.0, Nha Trang Style

Thanks to the lunar new year we get to celebrate our second New Years in as many months! In just a few hours this little beach town transformed into quite the party town. May the new year bring you many good fortunes!

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