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Worlds Best Street Art

Similar to my collection of Cuban Cars, this post is a special one dedicated to Bogota’s graffiti and street art. It’s some of the best in the entire world and worthy of several posts, I’m sure I just barely scratched the surface.

Bogota Bike Tour

On my next-to-last day here in Bogota I was finally able to hop on a bike tour. It’s proven to be a fantastic way to orient myself in this big city. I think I’ll make this a habit when first visiting a new city to get the lay of the land. One of the highlights of this tour was a stop through the farmers market where we sampled some exotic Colombian fruits. Until you’ve had Colombian fruit, you haven’t tasted fresh fruit. ZOMG!

Pilgrimage to Monserrate

Woke up this morning to a phone call from a friend here in Bogota. She suggested we join in on the Sunday Pilgrimage to El Señor Caído atop Monserrate. Seeing as how the ascent is over 3000 meters, we fueled up first and then filled up a back pack with grub for the long hike to 10K feet ASL.


Stencil Statements

I can’t say enough about the street art here in Bogota, but I don’t really have to as the art often speaks for itself.

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