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Charleston, South Carolina

Savannah, GA

Faces Of Georgia

Scattered about St. Simons Island are approximately two dozen oak trees with faces carved into them. Apparently they represent sailors who drowned on ships made from St. Simons trees. There is one particular plot of land on the island that was supposed to a sub-division but the owner of the land died and it has since become a home of sorts for these trees with faces.

Letters To God

From the cutest lil church ever! I may get struck down by lightning for posting these, but the odds of that happening are just a likely as god ensuring these people win the lotto, cover their truck notes, and help them find a significant other. All of which seems to be what visitors to this particular church want the most.

I could certainly see an entire website devoted (devouted?) to ‘letters to god’ if it doesn’t already exist.

Update: Found one!

St. Augustine

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