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When Will The U.S. Figure It Out?

I’m blogging from a train. It’s an X2000 Tilting Train. And yes… it’s moving at high speed across Sweden from Stockholm to Göteborg.

The U.S. needs more trains, and a more convenient railway system. This whole automobile thing is for the birds. No, wait… even the birds have figured out that driving cars isn’t the way to get from A to B.

And while we’re on the subject… what’s up with the US education system? This whole thing of learning one language is pathetic. Every single Swede we’ve encountered can switch from Swedish to English and back to Swedish again with the slightest of ease. We feel like retards. I remember when I was in Holland years ago, the students there learn a minimum of FIVE languages in school. The only other languages I’m versed in are l33t 5p3@k, HTML, SQL, and other various dialects from the land of Nerdia. Ya, ya, I know, I COULD have learned more languages if I really wanted, but why isn’t it required? More so than the 1 semester minimum??

We think we’re so far ahead… but it’s clear we’re actually pretty far behind. But hey, at least we dun gots the biggest bombs! Ugh.

Sayonara Stockholm

Well, it’s our last day in this great (and expensive) city. Later today we will be taking a high speed train to Gothenburg (or Göteborg if you prefer). Before we depart we dropped our bags off in the luggage closet and walked around the streets of the city center one last time, checking out the book fair that felt like it went on forever! Who knew there were so many books in Swedish!?

Since we couldn’t make out the titles of 99% of the books for sale we grabbed our weapons….

…and played viking for a bit…

…with our other viking friend…

Super Swedes!

We’ve got the capes, now all we need now is a giant “S” on our chest. I think the capes we’re actually doing more to save lives than we were. Namely our lives, from hypothermia at the Absolut Icebar in Stockholm.

Included in your 180 kr entrance fee is a free Absolut drink of your choice served in a hollowed out block of ice.

While sipping on your syrup, you can check out the ice graffiti being “painted” (read: etched) into the giant walls of ice blocks …

…or just hang out by the ice sculptures.

But if you get tired of standing, you can kick back on an ice thrown…

…and watch some ice TV.

Living On An Island

There’s just gotta be something about living on an island that makes you think “Screw water conservation! I’ve got all the water I need! MUAHAH!” Seriously, in all of the showers that I’ve been in thus far in Stockholm (read: 2), the water pressure is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s like bathing at the bottom of Niagara Falls for goodness sake. It’s almost crippling the amount of water cascading down from their industrial strength shower heads. I feel like I need to be wearing a harness bolted to the wall just to withstand the pressure and keep my knees from buckling!

So fresh and so clean.

Sorry to disappoint you, but no photos of me showering will accompany this post.

More Museums And Mooses!

For our last full day of activities in Stockholm we started off the morning at Gamla Stan (aka Old Town) to check out The Nobel Museum…

…which had an interesting exhibit called Design4Science which shows how designers cooperate with researchers to illustrate and create impressions of the invisible world of molecular biology.

Where else can you find wallpaper inspired by hemoglobin!?

Or insulin…

After being inspired by all the winners of the Nobel prizes, we needed some brain food, aka more ice cream!

Then it was off to Skansen which is a 75 acre open air museum…


…and zoo…

After petting the moose…

…we figured there couldn’t possibly be anything to top that, so it was off to go meet up with Jay’s friend for a field trip to the Absolut Ice Bar.

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