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When Will The U.S. Figure It Out?

I’m blogging from a train. It’s an X2000 Tilting Train. And yes… it’s moving at high speed across Sweden from Stockholm to Göteborg.

The U.S. needs more trains, and a more convenient railway system. This whole automobile thing is for the birds. No, wait… even the birds have figured out that driving cars isn’t the way to get from A to B.

And while we’re on the subject… what’s up with the US education system? This whole thing of learning one language is pathetic. Every single Swede we’ve encountered can switch from Swedish to English and back to Swedish again with the slightest of ease. We feel like retards. I remember when I was in Holland years ago, the students there learn a minimum of FIVE languages in school. The only other languages I’m versed in are l33t 5p3@k, HTML, SQL, and other various dialects from the land of Nerdia. Ya, ya, I know, I COULD have learned more languages if I really wanted, but why isn’t it required? More so than the 1 semester minimum??

We think we’re so far ahead… but it’s clear we’re actually pretty far behind. But hey, at least we dun gots the biggest bombs! Ugh.


Listen to some language tapes during your flying lessons!

Hey Guys,
You look so cute in Swedish attire. Jason, your blog is so entertaining, and I’m enjoying it immensely. The two of you are getting the most out of every country!
Love, Mom/Sue

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