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Are You Going Through Withdrawls?

Because I know I am. We’ve been without any reliable Internet access for about 4 days now which is primarily why the blog has been a bit stagnant as of late. Luckily we are now in Hungary (w00t our first former communist country!) where the connection is rock solid and blazing fast! So let me just bring you up to date with what has been going on with us really quickly…

After partying like rock starts in Mykonos, we took a high speed ferry back to Athens. And that’s just about the time when I remembered exactly why we told ourselves we would not party the night before a travel day! It was the longest 2-hour boat ride in history. And let us not forget just how much history they have here in Greece!

Once we arrived in Athens we were still absolutely exhausted. We were also absolutely famished. Since we knew this would be our last opportunity to savor the succulent souvlaki down at Thanasis restaurant, we mustered up the strength to have one last meal there. It was heavenly. It was also dangerous as we were now going on about 36 hours of no sleep, with a full belly of souvlaki, fries, and tzatziki sauce. We could have easily passed out right there on the spot for a long overdue hibernation. But no! We are soldiers damnit! So we hiked back to the hostel for a much more appropriate nights rest.

The next day we boarded a train for a 5-hour train ride to northern Greece and the city of Thessaloniki. Initially I was fairly unimpressed. The weather was gloomy, the city is in the middle of being ripped apart to install a subway system and I was feeling a bit under the weather. That was all about to change. We had arranged to meet up with a couple of lady friends we met on CouchSurfing.com for a coffee. Eri and Georgia met up with us at our Hotel and then proceeded to kidnap us and take us out for crepes and then to a nice cafe overlooking the water.

After getting to know them over a few drinks, we felt confident that they would not be selling our organs on eBay the next day. So we joined them for a night out on the town at their friends newly opened club.

It was here that it was officially decided that Greece has the highest BPC index (Babe Per Capita).  So many ridiculously beautiful women! Don’t get me wrong, Stockholm was impressive in that regards, but I’m sorry, Greece takes the cake when it comes to overall good looks. So ya, after picking our jaws up off the floor we partied with our new hosts and their friends late into the night.

The next day (Sunday) was also a bit gloomy, so we were going to call it a work day. However, as I mentioned earlier, the Internet is “teh sucks” here and there was no connectivity all day. So we ventured out and spent the day inside one of Thessaloniki’s museums. They had a REALLY old dude (a 200,000 year old hominid)…

…a really pretty headpiece…

…a really expensive mask…

…and a really heavy receipt…

The next day (still no Internet access) we met up with Eri again who took as around the city to show us some more sights to see such as the White Tower.

…and a really modern “globe”…

…near some really great guys.

(that’s Alexander The Great on the horse by the way)

We ate some really great food…

…by the really calm bay…

…followed by some really delicious desert.

Eri and Georgia were absolutely awesome hosts and really showed us the best of what Thessaloniki had to offer. They single-handedly turned an okay experience into a great experience in their city, and it was because of them that we extended our stay here a few extra days. Thanks ladies!

We’ve Been Ruined

Today we took a little excursion out to see the Greek island of Delos out in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

This island is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in all of Greece as the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. And like Athens, it is literally littered with ruins…

The ancient god of the sea Poseidon resided there.

As did the more modern god of video games, Qbert.

Entrance to the theater was free…

…since I knew the guy selling tickets.

We waited around for the prisoners to be throw to the lions…

…but when they were a no show, we threw our hand up off in defeat…

And hopped back on the boat before the island closed.

Yes, for those wondering, the island really does have hours of operation.

I Could Dance On The Water And Not Get Wet

Just continuing with my tradition of naming blog posts after Ice Cube references.

Wondering why there haven’t been many blog posts lately? It’s because we’ve just been taking it easy the past few days. Not really doing much sight seeing. Just relaxing on the beachs of Mykonos.

The water is perfect here!

Quite Quaint

Mykonos is a pretty nice small beach town on the island of the same name.

All of the buildings on the island are pure white with colorful doors and windows.

Walking down the narrow and windy streets you’ll encounter a few friendly pelicans just hanging out.

You’ll also find crêperies that make both savory and sweet wraps.

The island is littered with now-defunct windmills, but they still make for a picturesque backdrop.

And if you are so inclined, you can pull up a chair for a nice dinner by the water.

Figure It Out 2.0

I’m blogging from a boat.

On the way from Athens to the Greek island of Mykonos.

I can’t say that I have a whole lot of recent experience on large sea vessels in the US. Do they have WiFi? If not, they should. It sure helps to make a 5-hour boat ride go by quicker. So far on the trip I’ve blogged by land, by sea, and by train. One day soon perhaps from a plane. We did have some WiFi access on a bus in Ireland for a brief moment, but it dropped off as soon as we left the terminal.

I’ll try to catch up on the Greece blogs in the coming days to bring ya’ll up to speed with what we’ve been up to. In short: Athens == Awesome.

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