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Niagara Falls

Last stop in Canada for a while. Couldn’t miss this natural wonder. Plus I had to see if I could relocate the worlds best lasagna that I had here as a kid. Let me just go on record and say: Canada, you ruined it. This gorgeous natural wonder has been tarnished by gaudy tourist traps up and down the banks. The U.S. side is a little more tame, but both of you should be ashamed. If this EVER happens to the Grand Canyon, then let an asteroid strike us all dead. We don’t deserve it.

Graffiti City

Toronto takes the crown when it comes to graffiti in North America. Bogota and Toronto should battle it out for the title of this hemisphere.

The Greatest Canadian City: Toronto

Canada keeps getting better and better! First Montreal represented, then Ottawa one-upped them, and now Toronto brings it!! Cool people, cool architecture, amazing graffiti (more on that later), plus really good corned beef sandwiches! By far the best city of our northern neighbor thus far.

Great Canadian Bungee

Not one to turn down the highest bungee jump I HAD to have a go at The Great Canadian Bungee. It’s located over an abandoned quarry. Luckily for me the old mining operation left part of a crane high above the edge of a cliff. The rubber band drops you past 200 feet of limestone into a aqua blue lagoon. Since they refused to let me take my camera with me (even thought I have on all other jumps) I opted to go for the water dunk. A great way to cool off and get the hurt pumping. So alive!


I was told that Montreal had some impressive architecture. I didn’t see much during my time there. Ottawa on the other hand does have quite a few interesting buildings. Plus they were hosting a BBQ cook-off! Ottawa 1, Montreal 0.

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