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KiteBoarding Hood River

A great spot to dust off my kite-boarding skills, although the water is a bit chilly.

Multnomah Falls

Breaking in the new Osprey backpack and hiking shoes. Gotta get ready for Half Dome and this 3-miler should be a good warm-up.

Genetically Modified For Your Smelling Pleasure

Oh how I wish someone would invent smell-o-vision. I had no idea roses could all smell so different. After leaving the rose garden the rest of my day just stunk!


The city rivals Austin for both the number and quality of food trucks you can grub at. However one non-mobile-food option I must highlight is the breakfast at The Screen Door get the chicken and waffles, but bring 3 stomachs. And the bacon is Ahhh-MAZING!

After all them eats I took a nice long bike ride up the hill to the Japanese Garden which brought back so many fond memories of Japan. As it should since the Japanese ambassador to the U.S., Nobuo Matsunaga, said “I believe this garden to be the most authentic Japanese garden, including those in Japan.”

I believe the food is the most authentic form of American gluttony, including those found in Texas. But sooo tasty!


Home of the Goonies, and the start of yet another state. There are no signs of the west coast giving up it’s crown as the best coast.

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