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Santa fe de Antioquia

A couple of our friends from Medellin decided to take us on a little day trip out to Santa fe de Antioquia today. Despite the intermittent rain showers it was a fun little day trip to venture out of Medellin.

Ya Esta! Me Pondre Un Blog

More from Medellin. Oddly enough there’s not a ton of stuff to do or see here from a tourism POV, but something keeps telling me to stay longer.

The City of Eternal Spring

Medellin, Colombia, where the weather is always perfect. After spending just a couple days in this city I already know that I’ll be hanging here for a while.

Worlds Best Street Art

Similar to my collection of Cuban Cars, this post is a special one dedicated to Bogota’s graffiti and street art. It’s some of the best in the entire world and worthy of several posts, I’m sure I just barely scratched the surface.

Bogota Bike Tour

On my next-to-last day here in Bogota I was finally able to hop on a bike tour. It’s proven to be a fantastic way to orient myself in this big city. I think I’ll make this a habit when first visiting a new city to get the lay of the land. One of the highlights of this tour was a stop through the farmers market where we sampled some exotic Colombian fruits. Until you’ve had Colombian fruit, you haven’t tasted fresh fruit. ZOMG!

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