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World Domination Part Deux – Preliminary Itinerary

Jay worked tirelessly on the itinerary, hacking it into shape in true .org fashion. I think he must have bypassed just about every One World regulation, in order to squeeze in as many countries as possible. About the only country not on the agenda is Russia due to their lame visa requirements. But who knows, maybe we’ll sneak in across the Mongolian border or something. It can’t be much harder than getting into Club Pure on New Years!

Here is the initial 20-flight itinerary, and does not include the many countries we plan to visit in between via trains, boat, cars, helicopters, hang-gliders, hot-air balloons, surfboards, and rickshaws.

  1. Los Angeles -> London
  2. London -> Barcelona
  3. Barcelona -> Madrid
  4. Madrid -> Cairo
  5. Cairo -> Helsinki
  6. Helsinki -> Hong Kong
  7. Hong Kong -> Shanghai
  8. Shanghai -> Tokyo
  9. Tokyo -> Bangkok
  10. Bangkok -> Singapore
  11. Singapore -> Perth
  12. Perth -> Cairns
  13. Cairns -> Sydney
  14. Sydney -> Queenstown
  15. Queenstown -> Auckland
  16. Auckland -> Santiago
  17. Santiago -> Buenos Aires
  18. Buenos Aires -> Sao Paulo
  19. Sao Paulo -> Lima
  20. Lima -> Los Angeles

More details to follow.

Dot Organisms Released Into The Wild!

It’s now officially on to the break of dawn.

  • Domain purchased
  • Hosting setup
  • Email accounts created
  • Blog software installed
  • Blog user accounts created
  • Site designed
  • Site design integrated
  • DSDS

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