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World Domination Part Deux – Preliminary Itinerary

Jay worked tirelessly on the itinerary, hacking it into shape in true .org fashion. I think he must have bypassed just about every One World regulation, in order to squeeze in as many countries as possible. About the only country not on the agenda is Russia due to their lame visa requirements. But who knows, maybe we’ll sneak in across the Mongolian border or something. It can’t be much harder than getting into Club Pure on New Years!

Here is the initial 20-flight itinerary, and does not include the many countries we plan to visit in between via trains, boat, cars, helicopters, hang-gliders, hot-air balloons, surfboards, and rickshaws.

  1. Los Angeles -> London
  2. London -> Barcelona
  3. Barcelona -> Madrid
  4. Madrid -> Cairo
  5. Cairo -> Helsinki
  6. Helsinki -> Hong Kong
  7. Hong Kong -> Shanghai
  8. Shanghai -> Tokyo
  9. Tokyo -> Bangkok
  10. Bangkok -> Singapore
  11. Singapore -> Perth
  12. Perth -> Cairns
  13. Cairns -> Sydney
  14. Sydney -> Queenstown
  15. Queenstown -> Auckland
  16. Auckland -> Santiago
  17. Santiago -> Buenos Aires
  18. Buenos Aires -> Sao Paulo
  19. Sao Paulo -> Lima
  20. Lima -> Los Angeles

More details to follow.


The .org campagin trail of world domination looks legit. I shall be meeting .org domination crew at one or more points along said journey to add Maximum value as needed. All this being said does not change the fact that you are late to the table in stepping up game…….but I like what you are doing to change that…….!! ONE!!

Hey Jason, Wow! You must have hit the lottery. I loved Barcelona. Why Helsinki? I’ve heard there are some nice places in Turkey on the coast. You might be interested in reading about the actor Ewan MacGregor’s round-the-world trip on a motorcycle – it was on PBS and I think also a book. New Zealand & Australia will be awesome. Might as well go to the Galapagos Islands, Tahiti, Stonehenge, Angkor Wat (Cambodia) and Easter Island (off Chile)! I’d skip Sao Paolo – crime-ridden and polluted. Will send more ideas as they come to me.

Please include Puerto Rico in your itinerary!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt = word. Hope to see you in several locations throughout our world tour

Judi, we must fly out of Helsinki in order to maximize our direct flights (only there and London fly direct) from Europe. We will only be there a day or two though and will spend the majority of our time in Sweden.

Sao Paolo is a similar situation. It’s a One World hub so we have to fly in and out. We won’t be spending much time there.

ok boys, is it the whole crazy crew that Im hosting? or just the two of you?

hugs and kisses

Louise, for this round it’ll just be Jay and myself. It’ll be good to see you again! It’s been too long!

can’t wait for this! i’ll be along in asia and south america. this trip is going to be the best thing to ever happen to the world.

Don’t miss Guell Park in Barcelona (designed by Gaudi). And in Madrid you should go see one of the greatest paintings of all time – Heironymous Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights.” (I’ve never seen it in person but I bet you’ve seen images from it) It’s at the Prado Museum. (Bosch was Dutch)

You guys have really worked over the details of your itinerary. Hope it’s the trip of a lifetime. Conquer the world.

Uncle David

Hi Jay and Jason!
You two are perfect for each other, and I love your wit! May this world-blitz be everything you’ve dreamed of, and thanks for keeping us all enthralled! I love you guys. Sorry I missed your call, Jay. I will watch for a long, super strange number next time and answer it! I miss you.

Hi Guys, Finally had time to read your latest blog, and it is entertaining as usual. Hope your trip is all you want it to be. We just ordered pizza and are watching the Olympics with Allison, Jr. and clan. Miss you, Jay! Love, Mom

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