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Back In DC

One more day in the national capital, and decided to visit the home of the father of the nation.

We Now Interrupt This Blog

For a brief stint back on the West Coast for a close friends wedding, a hike up Runyon, some ear piercings, and a whole bunch of really good food (Pinks, Apple Pan, Griddle Cafe & Eduardos to name a few).

D.C. In 2.5 Days

It’s quite a different experience coming to Washington D.C. as an adult vs. as a kid. When seeing the Supreme Court building for example, it has much more meaning when you actually know what goes on behind those doors and how much impact it has on the direction of the country. It also became a little more clear why there is political gridlock here. For any one person to have so much power over one the largest nations in the world, it’s gotta go to your head, at least a little bit. Everyone walking the halls of congress has got to think that they are one of the most powerful people in the world. And if you are one of the most powerful people, how could anyone ever argue with you?

History Was Made Here

One of the great things about the East Coast is all of the American history that exists out here. I mean, this is where it all began! Those of us on the West Coast don’t get to see these historic places on a daily basis and I kind of think it’s sort of an “out of site out of mind.” It’s too easy to forget about the significance of what the founding forefathers went through back then, but coming here to Richmond Virginia and visiting the very room where Virginians declared their independence from Great Britain, well it really gives one a new found appreciation for the courage and determination they had to stand up to an empire. USA! USA!

That Town That Thomas Built

Charlottesville, Virginia has not one, but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Both of which are designed my Thomas Jefferson: The University of Virginia and Montecello, his home. And both are worth a visit.

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