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Peep Pikes Place

Even though I’ve been here about a dozen times already, it’s always a pleasure strolling through Pikes Place Market on a weekend, taking in all the sights, sounds, smells, and of course tastes! Around every turn is something delicious!

Frenchman Coulee

Not far down the road from Dry Falls, Frenchman Coulee has some beautiful structures left behind by the very same great Ice-Age floods. Within the canyon curving shards of rock splash out of the ground like a wave of water, and tall crystalline shaped pillars sprout up from the earth.

As I pulled off the freeway and headed down into the canyon, a random song I had never heard before started playing through the speakers. It was a song that my friend Veronica had put on my iPod a few months earlier. It was a perfect song for a perfect moment, all coming together at once. I just had to record it. The camerawork is a little shaky as I was trying to drive, groove, film, observe, and not crash all with one hand. Not sure if the video will really come across as all that impressive to you the reader, but for me, it was one of those traveling moments that just sticks.

The song as it turns out is “Peter Tha Zouk vs Di Simon – Enchantments (Chus & Ceballos Re-Worked)”

Dry Falls

Back in the ice age, this place was under a massive glacier the size of Mexico. Now, it’s mostly dry. Hence the name. It’s a really interesting story about how mother earth formed this land.

Marvin Carr’s One of a Kind in the World Museum

Every day Marvin is there to personally great people to his museum of eclectic collections. He’s got a story for every single piece in the museum. A tour can take hours if you let him, and no two tours are the same! If you find yourself in Spokane, do pay Marvin a visit.

The Early Worm Gets The Buffalo

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