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33 Countries (Updated Itinerary)

Sometimes in life less is actually more. The world is enormous and it would take 1000 of these trips to see it all. Thus, I’ve managed to narrow our magnificent voyage from 42 to 36 to 33 potential countries. Hopefully with additional research this drops to a more manageable 30.

Below is an outline of the planned countries. This is a fairly accurate schedule but if you are planning on meeting up please check back frequently for updates. If we know you’re going to be in a below location near these dates, we’ll plan on being there regardless.

Country Dates Transportation
1. United States 7/23-7/24 Flight 1
2. England: London 7/24-7/29 Underground
3. Ireland: Dublin/Galway/Cork 7/29-8/6 Ryan Air/Bus
4. Scotland: Glasgow/Edinburgh 8/6-8/13 Ryan Air/Bus
5. Sweden: Stockholm/Malmo 8/13-8/20 Ryan Air/Bus
6. Norway: Oslo 8/20-8/26 Bus/Train
7. Spain: Barcelona/Marbella/Madrid 8/27-9/10 Flight 2/Begin EuRail
8. Portugal: Algarve Region/Lisbon 9/3 – 9/8 EuRail Pass
9. Egypt: Cairo/Giza 9/10-9/15 Flight 3/Bus/Taxi
10. Turkey??? ??? Ferry
11. Greece: Rhodes/Athens/Thessaloniki 9/15-9/27 Ferry/EuRail Pass
12. Bulgaria: Sofia 9/28-9/30 EuRail Pass
13. Romania: Bucharest/Transalvania 9/30-10/4 EuRail Pass
14. Hungary: Budapest 10/4-10/7 EuRail Pass
15. Austria: Vienna ??? 10/7-10/10 EuRail Pass
16. Czech: Prague 10/11-10/15 EuRail Pass
17. Germany: Dresden/Berlin 10/15-10/20 EuRail Pass
18. Denmark: ??? ???? EuRail Pass/Boat
19. Estonia??? 10/20-10/21 Air/Ferry
20. Finland: Helsinki 10/21-10/24 EuRail ends
21. China: Hong Kong/Shanghai/Hangzhou 10/24-11/7 Flight 4-5/Bus
22. Japan: Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka/Kobe 11/7-11/20 Flight 6/Air pass
23. Thailand: Bangkok/Chiang Mai 11/20-11/28 Flight 7/Bankok air
24. Vietnam: Siagon/Nha Trang 12/2-12/15 Air/Bus
25. Cambodia: Angkor/Phnom Pehn 11/27-12/2 Air/Bus
26. Singapore: City 12/15-12/19 Flight 8/MRT (Rail)
27. Indonesia: Bali ???? Air
28. Australia: Perth/Reef/Sydney/Gold Coast 12/19-1/4 Flights 9-11/Car
29. New Zealand: Queenstown/Aukland 1/4-1/17 Flights 12-13
30. Chile: Santiago/Valparaíso/La Serena 1/17-1/31 Flight 14/Car
31. Argentina: Buenas Aires/Mar del Plata 1/31-2/13 Flight 15
32. Brazil: Rio/Sao Paulo/Salvador da Bahia 2/13-3/1 Flight 16/Bus
33. Peru: Lima/Cusco/Machu Picchu 3/1-3/14 Flight 17/Air
United States: HOME TIME 3/14ish Flight 18


Troopers! Any outerspace travel planned?? I’ll make sure to alert the local police 5 days before you guys arrive so they can prepare the people… hahaha

PS – I think you might have messed up on the Peru/US dates (last 2). Maybe it should read 2/28 – 3/13, and 3/14 home?

i know where you are right now.

Awesome message from Stockholm! Sounds like you guys are having a blast… drink one for me.

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