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Another One Bites The Dust

The Walkabout Inn, an Australian pub, with 3 Americans, two Swiss, and a side of fries.

Flora, Jay, Jason, Reena, Hadas

We ended up here instead of going back to The Defectors Weld. Apparently the brits aren’t too keen on sarcasm, at least the bouncer wasn’t. Note to self. It’s all good though because we got to relive the 80s thanks to the DJ. Oh, and as we were leaving, the police were outside as someone forgot their blood on the sidewalk. Not quite sure what that was all about. We all still had all of our blood with us.


Geez, you guys. It looks like it is really rough in London.., ah, the Walkabout Inn!

Hi! Already connecting with the ladies, eh?
As for what happened at the other pub, it sounds rather ominous! (note to self??? no sense of humor??) Fill me in. And when you get to Transylvania, remember, you have Romanian roots! Find out about Bessarabia, where your grandfather came from.

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