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A Tall Tale From Ireland

We had thoroughly experienced the city life of western Ireland, and felt it was time to get away and experience the rural life. So we chartered a fishing boat to go explore Inismore, the largest of the three Aran Islands (Inishmore, Inishmaan, Inisheer) .

And as soon as the tide came in, we were off! While away at sea, we caught a young Irish laddie…

…and evaded a few pirates.

Once we arrived on shore, we were faced with a difficult decision.

We opted for “better” over “quality” and picked up a pair of rusty mountain bikes to begin our ride around the island.

Along the way we made a few friends.

Some with feathers…

…some with fur…

…and one with four stomachs (look it up).

We knew it was about to get dangerous when we approached the ominous warning signs. Children ahead! Eeeek!

And sure enough, on the way up to the fort Dun Aonghasa we encountered the little devils, just sitting there on the side of the path, swindling all the tourists. Singing classic Irish tunes…

and dancing ol’ Irish jigs…

How could anyone resist their charm! Jay was instantly suckered into coughing up his spare Euro’s and by his estimation they had managed to pull the same wool over many other eyes, somewhere to the tune of 200+ Euro!

We can only surmise that they were trained in their crafts by this veteran who was running the same shtick.

After being bilked out of most of our money, we finally reached the top of the climb.

And just like the cliffs we’d seen a few days prior, it was an amazing view.

And despite these cliffs only being only 200 meters tall, it was still plenty scary.

After some exploring of the forts nooks and crannies and re-enacting the ways of the vikings that inhabited the fort 700 years prior…

…we rode back into town, saying farewell to all the new friends we met along the way, as well as a new one, who we shall call Popeye!


wow you guys have became such explorers. I love seeing what you guys are experiencing SOOOO Jealous 🙂

Surely you came across some sheep! And have ye kissed the Blarney Stone laddies?

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