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A Limerick In Limerick. A Castle In Killarney.

Sadly our stay in Ireland is coming to a close. We depart from Cork airport tomorrow. But  before leaving we decided to make one more stop in Killarney for a night as it was listed as #85 in the TripAdvisor Top 100 world destinations (PDF).

In Limerick we had a layover,
with two bags slung over our shoulder
we ducked into a pub,
to grab us some grub,
sad that our stay in this land was near over.

The accents (much like the sandwich bread) were THICK down here! After stuffing our bellies, we picked up our connecting bus and arrived in Killarney. We checked into our hostel and then wandered around the city center. We had some daylight left so we popped into a tourist center to grab a map and then headed out on a 5km hike through a national park…

…to see Ross Castle.

It was situated right on the edge of a beautiful lake and we arrived just as the sun was breaking through the clouds.

It even had a real cannon, which itself happened to be situated along side some ominous black crows at the time.

We weren’t able to fire the cannon at a nearby group of campers, so we got frustrated and hiked back to town. We had some work to catch up on anyway, so we broke out our trusty WiFi hotspot detector and scoured the city like a couple of treasure hunters. We honed in on a strong enough signal from an un-secure network that we could “borrow” some connectivity from and sat down on a busy street corner to commence work. We were quite the spectacle, let me tell you. Just about every passer-by stopped in their tracks and starred in awe. Normally you might expect a vagabond or a street perform to be sitting on this corner with a ragged cup-o-pence in hand. But here we were, two young looking, clean-cut travelers occupying a beggars turf with a pair of shiny new Apple laptops, surfing the net and making international phone calls via Skype to business associates. It really was a priceless moment. Eventually the ground got too cold and we upgraded to a nearby hotel lobby. Quite the digs!

We were about 50 years too young to be in there however based on the clientele we encountered, so we called it a night.

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beautiful skys on this part of the trip!

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