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A Hike Through Holyrood

Nope, we’re not back in California, and that was not a typo, and it wasn’t engrish. There really is a Holyrood Park here in Edinburgh, and it’s about the only point in the city that has a higher altitude than the castle.

Like most days in Scotland, the rain will come and go hour by hour. When we started on the hike near the uber-modern parliament building it was a beautiful sunny day.

But once we reached the base of this extinct volcano, the dark clouds started moving in.

We already came this far, so there is no tuning back now… Onwards ho!

Jay wasn’t too happy with his choice of attire once we got further up to find this was more like a hike through the Nile river.

But every few hundred yards, the slipping and slidding through mud puddles was all worth it when the sun would break through and reveal amazing views.

Both far away…

and close up…

The summit was INCREDIBLE! Both an incredible view…

…and incredibly windy…

I really felt like I was on the top of the world.

After taking it all in…

[Click to see the large 360 degree panorama]

We hiked back down the other side of the mountain, and explored the ruins of St. Anthony’s chapel that was built around 1426

It provided a nice place to practice rock climbing

After dominating Holyrood, we waked back up The Royal Mile, grabbed a bite to eat at a Thai/Indian restaurant, and then rushed off to one of the most popular comedy shows of the festival.


And now a message for Jay – Hi, Jay! Looks like you’re having a great time. Keep Jason in line, will you? Judi

Hi Judi,

I’ll do my best to keep Jason out of trouble. Although, you should know as well as anyone that it’s not always an easy task 🙂

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