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It’s A Travel Day

Follow me on this one…

  • Walk to Oslo Central Station
  • Train to Oslo Airport
  • Plane to London, Heathrow Airport
  • Bus to Terminal 1
  • Plane to Barcelona
  • Bus to subway station
  • Train to the Liceu station
  • Walk to Hostel

That almost like a palindromic trip!

I can easily see now why Heathrow has such a bad rap. That place is like a maze! And we felt like rats. Especially when we disembarked the plane and walked through the jetway to a little glass room, full of other rats. The room was locked on all sides, and people were literally banging on the glass doors trying to get the attention of some employees upstairs so they would look down and see us trapped in the box and hopefully let us out. It wasn’t a moment too soon either when they finally released us, as it was about to get ugly in there with no cheese! That momentary delay could have easily been the deciding factor that caused us to miss our connecting flight. We made the best of it however by fully utilizing all the amenities at the airports VIP lounge. Just one of the perks of having a black card! Due to our later than expected arrival it was a bit too dark out to see much of the city, but from what I did see it looked impressive. Can’t wait to explore tomorrow! Everyone that we’ve talked to thus far says it’s definitely one of their favorite cities.

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