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Smash Out Of Spain

Holy Guacamole! The women here in Benalmadena are gorgeous! From our hotel balcony…

…we saw tons of ladies flocking down the street to the harbor area below. Naturally, we just had to see what the the hubbub was about. Who would have guessed this small beach down would have so many potential wives!?

The parties go late into the night here. And by ‘late into the night’, I mean into the early morning. We didn’t get back to the hotel until 6am!

After a nap till noon we checked out of the hotel well rested, and smashed out of the city on the way to Malaga.


What are you doing in Egypt?!? Go back to Benalmadena and marry that woman immediately!

Finally! A female! I’m expecting for y’all to step it up a bit, let’s see some girls gone wild shit after you get out of Cairo!

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