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The Infamous Travel Suit: Functionality, Beauty, And Good Luck

Being that we only have a handful of wardrobe options it’s quite possible that you’ve seen us in the same outfits on several different occasions. That being said, one outfit in particular is getting a lot of usage. I call it my “travel suit” and you can see it pictured below on our first flight from Los Angeles to London. Since then, the “travel suit” has been worn on planes, trains, buses, and even boats. Anytime we engage in a significant travel day (4 hours +) I throw on this trusty costume. So why did a pick this exact outfit from the numerous (sarcasm) other combinations?

First day of the trip


Cargo Shorts. The staple of the travel suit are the only pair of cargo shorts I own. The shorts keep me cool and the cargo pockets make it ideal to easily and securely hold passports, tickets, money, and other travel related items. The lightweight and light colored short sleeved shirt. I carry two backpacks, often in hot weather, for long periods of time on un-air-conditioned (that should be a word) modes of transport. The t-shirt helps keep me cool and dry while lugging my life around. Adidas Samoa Shoes: Travel days usually involve a lot of walking on uneven surfaces while carrying heavy backpacks. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable shoe. Thus, I always pair the rest of my clothes with my brown Adidas Samoa’s. I’ve been wearing retro Samoa’s since they were re-released in the early 2000’s. They are by far the most comfortable pair of casual shoes I’ve ever owned. Pair them with cool mesh walking company socks, and the famous hiking insoles “green feet” and it feels like you’re walking on air!

Ideal for waiting in huge lines at train stations

Mere mortals lack to functionality of the "the suit" and thus are forced to sit on dirty floors while I can stand for hours!

Good luck:

30+ flights, 20+ trains, and countless buses and boats will likely result in something going wrong. This is a long trip; we need all the good luck we can get! 2 months in and we’ve yet miss a flight, sleep in a train station, have a bus break down, get marooned on an island, etc. Football players have lucky jock straps, baseball players hats, guitar players picks, and world travelers have lucky travel suits.

Great for sleeping on boats

Stuck on an island? Almost, but thanks to the "suit" I'm sleeping like a baby after making this boat by less then 30 sec!Â


Just because I’m traveling the world with one bag of clothes, doesn’t mean I have look like an unfashionable scrub. Brown shoes, brown shorts, and khaki shirt all go nicely together. What’s even more important is they match the brown and coffee colored backpacks that are attached to my body 24/7. Function and style. The travel suit is a thing of beauty!

Quite sexy wouldn't you say?

Quite sexy wouldn't you say?

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Jay – you be stylin’ !

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