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Cloudy With A Chance Of Spätzli

Ugh. Not feeling so great this morning, but probably not quite as bad as this guy.

I don’t smell to good either. I smell like an ashtray. Probably because last night we spent some time inside a club called Cha Cha Cha, which I think in Hungarian translates to Cough Cough Cough. The haze you see in this photo is actually cigarette smoke. I thought I had built up a decent tolerance to lung cancer in Greece, but apparently not. This place had no ventilation and I think we were the only 3 people in there without a stogie hanging from our lip. We were really only in there for about 30 minutes, but it certainly took it’s toll on me. Luckily I have a backup lung.

After wiping the soot from my eyes this morning, and once I was able to see again, we headed down to Fatal for some lunch. A very generous helping of beef goulash! Along with some cold cucumber salad, just the way mom used to make it.

With some thick stew lining my gut, I was starting the get back into the swing of things and resuming normal health status. So it was off to parlay our way into the Parliament building.

We arrived at the building in the late afternoon and jumped in line to buy tickets. After waiting for about 15 minutes one of the guards came over and put up a sign saying there were no more tickets for the day! Crap! Now how are we going to get in!? Not ones to give up so easily, we noticed a large guided tour of people around our age still gathering near the entrance, all seemingly ignoring the newly displayed ticket sign. They must know something we don’t know, and we had every intention to find out exactly what it was! It wasn’t a moment sooner when they all starting filing through the chain fence into the courtyard of the building. So being the chameleons that we are we blended in with the crowd and scurried into the courtyard with our new found tour group. Once inside the building however…

…some of the other members of the tour started taking extra long looks at us. It didn’t help that we didn’t speak (or for that matter look) Italian. Shit. Our cover was blown! So we slinked off up some stairs to join another tour. This time it was a group of German’s. Apparently we look a lot more like 55 year old German tourist than we do 25 year old Italian tourists because we were able to resume the rest of the tour undetected with this new group.

In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the brightest of ideas. Sort of like sneaking into the White House or something. But we came all the way from California dammit! We weren’t about to be denied entrance when other people were clearly allowed in.

Feeling pretty good about getting out of their without any run-in’s with the law, we decided to go celebrate in true hero fashion at Hero’s Square.

Victory is ours!

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