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Today we took a little day trip out to the city of Nara, in the Nara prefecture of Japan.  The main draw of the city are the hundreds of tame deer that just roam the city streets. Tame that is unless you happen to be carrying some food with you.

They have become so acclimated to the city life…

…that they even obey the laws so that they don’t get tickets.

Other than the deer there are a few others sights to see such as Tōdai-ji…

…which is a great big Buddhist temple built to house a colossal bronze statue of the Buddha Vairocana.

Just to give you an idea of how colossal it really is, each finger is about the same size as a human being. So ya, she’s a hefty one.

Before the sun went down we took a stroll through a nearby garden on the way back to the train.

Not many flowers were in bloom, but the changing colors of the leaves was still nice enough for a few photos.

Oh, and I almost forgot! On the way into the city we passed by a shop with these two guys kneading some dough with giant wooden mallets that was very impressive. Especially towards the end when one guy put down his mallet and started using his hands at double-speed, while his buddy (who he obviously trusts very much) kept walloping the dough with his mallet — also at double speed.

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