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Wat Did The Serpent Say To The Scorpion?

I don’t know wat. But I do know that today Rick took us up Doi Suthep mountain to see Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. It’s one of the more famous Buddhist temples and a very sacred place for many Thai people. At night you can see it glowing up on the mountain side almost as if it’s floating in the sky. During the day, and up close, the sights are equally impressive.

At that base of the temple is a long set of stairs leading to the entrance. The “hand rail” for this staircase is a uber long, and uber hungry serpent, that is either eating 4 other serpents, or is birthing them orally.

Either way, I don’t want to be anywhere near a serpent with those sort of powers! So it’s up the stairs we go — away from it’s mouth.

Atop the long staircase lies the first entryway to the temple grounds…

…once you pass through the entryway, you must take your shoes off near the doorway to the main temple area…

The main attraction inside is arguably the large golden chedi (a.k.a. stupa). Today however it was undergoing a bit of repair work. While some might have been disappointed, I found it made for a much more interesting photo. The very geometric grid like scaffolding that wrapped around the very organic structure added something to it all, almost as if the chedi was locked in a bamboo cage or something.

Maybe I’m just weird. But whatever, I like the photo. And not many people can say they have the same one!

All around the chedi are other buildings with alters. And there are Buddhas everywhere! Some under an overhang..

…some lined up neatly in a row near flaming flowers…

…some under golden lace parasols…

…and some that were taking naps.

After leaving the main temple area we explored the grounds some more…

…before heading back down the stairs, and then back down the mountain. On the way back down the mountain, Rick took us to his favorite temple which was a bit more secluded and perched near a waterfall with some dragon-like guardians.

If you think that looks scary, you ain’t seen nothing yet… We walked up to the waterfall as it was starting to get dark. Some vendors lined the pathway with their carts selling various merchandise. One group of vendors towards the end were selling the most unique products.

Critters for consumption.

These look like deep fried crabs on a skewer.

These are clearly cricket related.

I believe these are cajun scorpions.

And I’m no biologist, but unless I’m mistaken these can only be cockroaches.

It’s going to be a while before I eat again.

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They’re not cockroaches, they are deep fried giant water bugs. Relatively common in Thailand…

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