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Flight Of Gibbons, Grunstras And Moores

Today was certainly a unique adventure. We were swooped up at our hotel in a minivan full of 6 other adventurers. The van then shuttled us off to a mountainous area of Chang Mai about an hour outside the city. After many twists and turns, zigging and zagging up the mountain, we arrived at our destination. The home base for the Flight Of The Gibbons – A Rainforest Canopy Adventure Tour(TM). First things first….

Becoming acquainted with our safety gear.

And once we found a set that fit, it was time to strap in for about two hours of zip lining through the forest!

Once the gear was secured to us, and us to the gear, we took a quick hike from the main rode, through the forest…

…and down to the first platform…

Several meters away, high above the forest floor, was another tree. With another platform. Nothing between the two platforms but a metal cable suspended high above. Gulp!

There’s no turning back now!


Look ma! No hands! Wait, actually… mom, don’t look. Close your eyes.

Ok. You can open them now. I made it safely across to the other tree…

This routine basically continue for a couple hours. Zipping from tree to tree, making our way through the forest just like a gibbon would.

In between a few trees, we would have to lower ourselves to a platform below to reach the required height for the next zip.

Other times, it was a matter of crossing a narrow wooden bridge…

In the end, I’m happy to say that we all made it to the last tree, and down the last rope, and got out alive!

Another successful Thailand adventure for the record books.

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flying monkeys!

this gave me goosebumps!this is one of my dream adventures…lucky grunstra.

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