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Sydney Satisfaction

One of the must-do activities that everyone suggests while in Sydney, is the Bondi to Bronte walk. Bondi & Bronte are two beaches along the east coast of Sydney. The weather forecast predicted rain, but there’s a reason they are called “predictions” cuz they are never right! So we forged on down the coastline…

…starting at Bondi…

…where your life is hand delivered in a yellow truck. “Please sign here for your package.”

If you’ve ever walked down West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, CA, this walk is somewhat similar. But with very dissimilar erosion.

I could be mistaken, but I believe this is sandstone or something similar.

Around one of the turns I looked back over my shoulder, and saw this sight…

…now while it’s a nice looking coastline, there was something else going on here that felt much more special. It was a scene very similar to the very scene that inspired this entire trip for me back in April of 2007. I was driving with the sun roof open down the west coast of America on Highway 1. Headed from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles. Cliff side homes on the left, and the giant Pacific Ocean as far as the eye could see on the right. “This world is huge! And I need to see the rest of it.” I thought to myself.

Seeing this view here in Australia, on the other side of the Pacific Ocean gave me a real feeling of satisfaction. Setting out to do something huge, and accomplishing it. This one scene brought everything around full circle. Pure happiness! 🙂

Ya know what else makes me happy?

Words with 8 vowels in them, and all of them Oh’s.

Like this area of Sydney called Wooloomooloo!

That’s an Oh overdose folks!

After walking the Wooloomooloo wharf, we went to watch where woodchucks chuck. At the botanical gardens. Does it get any more picturesque than this?

This is THE spot to watch the fireworks show from next New Years Eve.

2009 is gonna be a good year!

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