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Just Hangin’ Out

Today we’re FINALLY going to hang glide! We’ve been trying unsuccessfully for 4 days now to get a break in the weather. Each day calling in, only to hear the voice on the other side say it was too windy, or not windy enough, or too rainy, or too many much lightning. Sheesh! Come on people! We’re only here for 8 days, we can’t wait around forever for you to be comfortable with the weather, let’s just get on with it!

This morning though, that voice on the other end of the call said something different. It caught me by surprise. “Yup, we’re flying today!” Excuse me, can you repeat that? “We. Are. Flying. Today.” Yippee! I lept out of bed and threw on some warm gear and we headed out the door to the pick-up point. We climbed into the van and started making our way towards the mountain. It’s really gonna happen! I’m finally going to get to experience hang gliding!

At the foot of the mountain the driver pulls over to the side of the road. He looks off to the right towards the harbor. He sees clouds. Big fat gray rain clouds. There are water drops hitting the windshield. He turns around to us and says “Sorry, but we’re gonna have to rebook you for another time, the weather is just not cooperating.”

ARGGGG!!! Curse you momma nature!

So we are rebooked for 3pm. And now we are just hangin’ out, trying to kill time before we make yet another weather check call.

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