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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Keep Those Buses Rolling

One of the biggest mistakes we made when planning this trip was not upgrading our plane tickets to business class. The price was about twice as much, but when you compare that to the price of upgrading an individual flight it´s cacahuates (peanuts)! Plus you get more frequent flyer miles, better food, better seats, better service, priorty boarding, and access to more flight options. Oh well, next time.

So taking that learning experience, I booked a 1st class seat on a bus from Mar Del Plata to Mendoza. It´s the only way to roll when you´re parking your butt in a seat for 18 hours! It´s not exactly airline first class, but it is nice. It´s like sitting in a giant lazy boy chair on wheels. The seats recline to almost horizontal so you can easily doze off. The food leaves a bit to be desired (yet more jamon e queso) but it´s tolerable.

The ride actually went be pretty quickly. I learned why the Argentinian flag has a sun on it… because the entire country is covered with sun flowers. And, once it got dark I saw the most amazing lightning storm that I´ve ever seen! So beautiful! And when I woke up, the bus was just pulling into the station at my destination. So, you get room and board, travel, and food all for the price of one ticket. Not too bad.

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