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Where Have We Been Lately?

We would like to apologize for the lack of posts during the last few months. Photos and stories detailing the final months of our adventures in Argentina, Brazil, and Peru will be posted ASAP. As for further travel? We’ve got a trip in August that will take us to Seattle and British Columbia. September will find us in the South of France, Barcelona, and San Sebastian. And last but not least a trip to Columbia in November is LONG overdue.

Besides planning more adventures we’ve been spending quite a bit of time organizing and further developing our business, with the hope that it will enable us to have even more flexability. Although, the Summer hasn’t been all work and no play. We’ve been putting in our fair share of time in the sun…


A heated game of flip cup


Catching some Z's

Admiring the view

Admiring the view

My very own corona commerical

My very own corona commerical

Hot tub time

Hot tub time

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