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The Middle Starts Here

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve now entered what many refer to as “Middle America.” These pictures certainly won’t be the most scenic of the trip (for those, please refer to yesterdays Grand Canyon photos), they will however give you a good idea of what’s out here in the middle. The highlight of the day had to be stepping onto The Four Corners — the point at which Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico all meet. This shattered my previous record of 3 states in 3 days, coming in at a whopping 4 states in 4 seconds! Despite the fact that this part of the country is pretty desolate* it still has some pretty cool topography that I wouldn’t mind calling MY back yard.

*and by desolate I mean you find yourself turning around to go backwards 20 miles because there’s probably no gas for another 60 miles and you’ve only got an eighth of a tank remaining!

If you choose to continue on and look at the next photograph, I must insist that you pay me $7.50 to look at it since it cost me $5.00 to take it. 🙂

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loves it 🙂 if you go by iowa take a pic of yourselves outside of a taco johns :9 my favorite place when i go back home for visits!

take care!!

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