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Palm Beach Art Festival

I stumbled across an outdoor art festival along the coast in Palm Beach. Most of the artists who’s work I enjoyed didn’t want people taking photos of their art for obvious reasons. So instead I will link to their websites so you can check out their work should you so choose to do so.

  • Tim Kiusalaas – amazing landscape photography
  • Pat Little – puts objects on a rotating platter and syncs the platter up to a digital camera so it snaps photos at even increments in the objects rotation and then digital weaves all of the images together 1 pixel-row by 1 pixel-row to create some interestingly warped images
  • Lorri Honeycutt – positions miniature people in full size environments to a humorous effect
  • Gregg Knott – multi-piece sequential art that tells a story in vivid colors
  • Ron Originals – Sculptures from nails (the metal kind, not the finger kind!)

And below are Bob Lehman’s gourde masks, followed my someones rusty metal moose sculpture.

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