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Rockin Out In Puerto Viejo

Getting to Puerto Viejo was an interesting trek through the seemingly spontaneous roads of CR. After ending our rafting trip we boarded a van bound for PV. The van would drive for kilometers and kilometers at a time on a typically paved road until suddenly there would be a patch of road that was nothing by gravel and rocks for no apparent reason; almost as if they ran out of asphalt one day and then forget the next day where they had previously left off even though the last paving ended just a few meters away. Whatever. As they say in Costa Rica, “Pura Vida!”

After traversing the rocky road we spent a few nights at Rockin J’s which is not for the feint of heart! It is the quintessential backpackers hostel where for about $6 USD a night you get a hammock and a locker. Not exactly luxury accommodations. Being the ballers that we think we are, we opted to upgrade to the “Pimp Suite” and the “King Suite.” The sheets in the suites were nothing neat, so I opted for a hammock anyways. I wish I had my Kammock with me though!

I guess if you consider that Rockin’ J is actually a chicken who’s eggs you can purchase, the accommodation are pretty luxurious when compared to a hen house. Pura Vida.

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