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Volcano Boarding Cerro Negro in Leon Nicaragua

There was an article on FastCompany.com recently titled “How The Happiest People In The World Spend Their Money” in which there was a perfect quote:

“Make purchases that improve your happiness. For many, that means spending on experiences, not things.”

And it is exactly these type of experiences that they are referring to:

  • Four-wheeling through the country side of Leon Nicaragua on dirty and dusty roads
  • Grabbing a make-shift ‘volcano-board’ and a liter of water and scaling the face of Cerro Negro
  • Sweating profusely in the scorching sun combined with the heat emanating from the most active volcano in Nicaragua
  • Reaching the summit where a cool breeze evaporated all the sweat and brought my body temperature back down to normal
  • Donning a fluorescent green and yellow onesie, eye goggles and gloves in preparations to get DIRTY!
  • Making “snow” angels in a pile of soot
  • Strapping a wooden plank to my feet and hurtling down the rocky & ashy mountain
  • Picking rocks out of my teeth and shaking the dust out of my orifices
  • Getting to the bottom and wanting to do it all over again!

Sorry, but you just can’t go down to your local Target store and buy this kind of happiness. So, stop going to Target and start getting out into the world to EXPERIENCE what it has to offer you!

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