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Cuban Cuisine

Having recently spent the better part of 4 weeks in Palm Beach, FL, where I was becoming a regular at Havana’s Restaurant (order the Lechon Asado con Cebolla!) I was looking forward to traditional Cuban food. Unfortunately I was in for a big surprise. Apparently the best Cuban food is at Cuban restaurants outside of Cuba (like in Budapest believe it or not). You see, Cuba has limited resources due to the embargo, so most meals consist of rice, beans, pork, beans, pork, rice, rice, pork, beans, rice, beans & pork. Or pizza. Really cheap bad pizza sans sauce. One of the few exceptions is breakfast where you can at least get some eggs, and some fresh fruit smoothies to hold you over until your pork, rice and beans meals. I’m surprised they haven’t yet concocted a rice-bean-pork-smoothie for when you need a meal on the go. Fortunately we we’re lucky enough to stay at a casa particular in the city of Cienfuegos where the host was a chef and he was able to delight our taste-buds with some non-swine soup and salad. Once we left there however I started resorting to some drastic measures as you will see in the last photo.

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