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Amish Country. Awkward, Delicious & Incredible!

Millersburg, Ohio provided for one of the most unique experiences on this cross-country road trip thus far — a day in Amish country. It started off with an unusual encounter where with an elderly Mennonite lady listening to The Beastie Boys. When I heard it coming in through the screen door of her store I asked the lady if she was a fan of the Beastie Boys. She looked at me as if I had a third arm growing out of my forehead. And that’s when I realized what had happened. Turned out I had just left the keys in the ignition and the iPod automatically started playing music unbeknownst to me. Awkward! After removing my foot from my mouth (and arm from forhead) I proceeded to stuff my mouth with some homemade food at Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen. Delicious! I then headed across the field to watch a real live auction taking place, complete with the fast talking jibber-jabbing auctioneers. Incredible! Next up was a tour of a real Amish farmhouse, and a ride in a horse-drawn buggy. And finally wrapping it up with dinner at a Amish families home where I got to learn a bit more about their unique way of life. If you ever find yourself in Pennsylvania or Ohio, I would highly recommend experiencing this for yourself first hand.


Was that kid for sale for $4?

I doubt it, but it looked like it, and I thought it was funny… so I took a pic.

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