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Grinning And Bearing And Grinning Again

Boarded a little puddle jumper today just outside of the town in Kodiak and bopped around the island, spotting some whales in the ocean and bison in the fields in the process. After about 45 minutes of breathtaking sights from the air we touched down in a little lake and waded to shore in our gaiters. We hiked for about 10 minutes down a trail when I turned a corner and was face to face with a momma bear heading right towards me. Our pilot/guide instructed us to give her the right-of-way and move off the trail, which we promptly did, allowing her to pass. She couldn’t have been more than 8 feet away at one point. She definitely smelled and saw us, but luckily she didn’t feel threatened. I can’t say the same for us though, she was BIG!


Hello, I found your travel log through one of my friends on Facebook. Rachel Rodriguez. You’ve got some really tremendous pictures here, and I’m looking forward to spending more time looking around on your site. Please feel free to visit mine if you wish. Not nearly as many pictures… and more words… but I’m trying to network a bit now, and would love to have you as one of my ‘followers.’ I’m gonna try to figure out how to link up with your log if possible. Thanks, Ned.

Thanks for stopping by Ned! Glad to hear you found something of interest here. I’ll definitely check out your blog.

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