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After spending the day in downtown Fairbanks and tooling around Pioneer Park and the Alaskan pipeline, I headed up to Chena Hot Springs to soak in a hot tub and check out the Aurora Ice Museum (not at the same time). The museum is furnished with numerous ice-walled rooms that contain some amazing carvings by 15 time world champion ice carver Steve Brice, and his wife, Heather a 6 time world champion. The admission fee gets you an “appletini” served in an ice carved martini glass of course. After freezing my butt off in the 20-degree ice castle, the hot-springs were a warm welcome! On the drive back to Fairbanks I could just sense the timing was right for a moose spotting. Sure enough about 20 minutes down the road I spied a mother and her baby moose grazing near a small pond. I slammed on the breaks and dashed out of the car to capture them on film. I made zero attempt to be stealthy and sneak up. They knew I was coming. Luckily they stuck around long enough for a portrait. So cute!! Mission complete. Now I can leave Alaska satisfied.

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Yay!! Finally! Moose!

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