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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Sleep. Or, Why Count Sheep When You Can Count Sharks?

Hooah! Who needs sleep when you have pure adrenaline coursing through your veins? This morning, or was it last night? I can’t remember which… we boarded a red-eye flight out of Perth for the 5 hour flight to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef! Hooah! We arrived at the hotel somewhere roughly around 7am, or was it 6am? I can’t remember which. After a brief 20 minute power nap, we were right back up and on our way to the harbor to catch a sailboat out to Green Island for some scuba diving.

The diving was beautiful as to be expected. The coral species were noticeably different from that of Thailand. We saw a LOT of black tip reef sharks ominously circling our boat. Interesting fact: sharks LOVE roast beef sandwiches with mustard!

In between dives we jumped in a water taxi to check out the island while we let the nitrogen in our system dissipate.

We walked down the beaches…

…and thru the rain forest, searching for our way back to the boat.

We took a wrong turn (on purpose)…

…and grabbed a few brews for a photo-op.

Then it was right back into the water for some snorkeling with sharks and jelly fish. Hooah!







Merry Xmas

Sorry folks, not a lot of pictures of this event. For the most part is was pretty uneventful. Everything closes down here for Xmas (and for Boxing Day on the 26th) so yesterday we stocked up on some food and had a little BBQ, and hung out at the beach. Pretty relaxing.

Pictures Of Paradise Speak Louder Than Words

Rottness Island off the coast of Perth is simply gorgeous. White sand beaches. Crystal blue water. Quokkas, Pelicans & Peacocks. What more can you say? Not much. So I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

Funky Foliage For Frisbee Fun

After a failed attempt to get up early enough to visit Rottnest Island, we ended up walking to Kings Park instead. The aptly named park covers over 1000 acres of land and is only a couple kilometers from downtown Perth and the Swan River.

There are hundreds of species of plants throughout the park ground from Australia as well as many Mediterranean countries.

From the eyeballus treeus…

…to the koosh ball bush…

…a swizzle thizzle thistle…

…or the bloated boab trees.

They even had plain old fashioned grass! Can you believe it!?

But not just any grass. It was some of the most perfect blades I have ever set foot on.

Perfect for a game of frisbee.

Perthect Weather!

It’s good to be out of Singapore, and finally on to what I’m sure will be a much more exciting country. Australia! Oi! Oi! Oi!

There’s our trusty steed that took us to the land down under…

…under the freezing skys high above.

To the land where kangaroos roam the plains (er, sidewalks).

It’s amazing how similar the west coast of Australia is to the west coast of the United States. The weather…

…the foliage…

…the skylines.

It all feels so much like home. The only difference is the latitude & longitude.

Perhaps it also feels so much like home because of the strong connection between Western Australia and Holland. This memorial commemorates the voyage of a Willem de Vlaminghand who mapped the western coast of AU in 1697. It’s a unique dual-time piece that simultaneously tells the time in Perth and Amsterdam.

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