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One For The Road At The Guinness Storehouse

After escaping from prison, we needed a drink. So we walked down to the Guinness Storehouse for a self guided tour inside the worlds largest pint glass. ‘Just how big is the worlds largest pint glass?’ you may be asking yourself. It’s 7 stories tall, and sits on nearly 60 acres of land! That land by the way has a 9000 year lease!! I guess ol Arthur lived by the mantra of ‘go big or go home’ even way back in the early 18th century.

At the top of the giant pint glass, at the Gravity Bar, we ran into a couple of fellow Californian ladies who didn’t like beer. I guess they got on the wrong tour bus or something, cuz why else would you come to Guinness!?!? So we inherited their free beers.

And despite splitting 5 pints, I still think we were some of the more sober people in all the land.


So is Guinness at the source much better than from cans, bottles or kegs on the west coast of the US?

It tasted great, but Guinness is brewed in over 50 countries. In one of the videos we watched they claimed to brew the same exact recipe around the world (even dropping in for taste tests) so I would assume its pretty consistent with what we had


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