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Race Week Festivities

Unbeknownst to us, the Galway Races just happened to be going on during the same weekend we happened to be in town. The races are a HUGE event in Ireland and last night on Williams Gate Street nearly all of Ireland poured into the streets and into the pubs lining the street…

to celebrate their winnings…

…or drink away their losses.

We ran into our Canadian friend Michelle

as we checked out some of the local street performers.

Not one to be outdone, Jay, Michelle and Donna Carolyn performed a few acrobatic feats of their own.

The partying in the streets went way into the wee hours of the morning and the number of people that were packed into this small city was astronomical!

Which could explain why it was so darn hard to find a reasonably priced hotel.

Which also explains the following photos…

of us sleeping in our Skoda Octavia rental car…

Which also explains the need to take a nap right now.



it’s your canadian friend michelle. i don’t know who “donna” is, but i was thinking from the two times i lost her that you heard the name “carolyn” quite a bit. haha.
your photos of ireland and scotland were way nicer than mine. good job. enjoy your worldly travels.

Ooops! Thanks for the clarification Michelle. Her name had been changed to protect the innocent, but now that you’ve outed her, we’ve made the appropriate updates! 😉

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