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Stockholms Kulturfestival РDet L̦ser Sej

Similarly to the Galway Races and the Edinburgh International Festival in the last two counties, we stumbled into Stockholm just in time for the 2008 Kulturfestival. After a slow start this morning due to overindulging in Swedish spirits at F12 last night, we found some food to replenish our energy. After we digested the falafel & fries we followed the sounds of a low pitch bass guitar that was echoing through the city streets. The narrow streets opened up into a plaza where we found some random Swedish hip-hop band playing a free outdoor concert. The beats were funky and the lyrics, well… they were in Swedish, but the Sweeds in the crowd were bobbing their heads along to the flows so it must have been good. We later found out that the artists was Chords and during one song he brought a surprise guest on stage and the crowd went wild when they found out it was Timbuktu. They then performed together Det Löser sej and the crowd nearly lost it.

Cultural side note: “Slut” in Swedish means “End”

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