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La Rambla Street Performers

When we arrived last night, we had to walk from the subway station to our hostel, which was only a block away from La Rambla. This city street is lined with shops and street vendors selling everything from souvenirs and food to turtles and birds (possibly also as food). La Rambla certainly has its share of tourists. And where you find tourists, you’re bound to find people trying to make a buck off them. Sometimes pan handlers and street performers can be annoying, but not here. Here on La Rambla the street performers don some truely amazing costumes. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the elaborate outfits we saw last night and this morning.


Boy, Santa Cruz’ Great Morgani and Umbrella Guy (who has disappeared in recent weeks) have nothing on these people!

I’m in love with Barcelona,too, and have never been there, but now want to go!Great blog,guys.

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