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The Road To Recovery

Today we tried our best to catch up on our sleep, so not much to report. After two back-to-back 13+ hour flights, our internal clocks are a bit waked out. I’m sure our all night partying last night until 6am didn’t exactly help. We did manage to wake up on time however for the 8pm light show. Here are a few select photos from the other side of Hong Kong island during it’s nightly 8pm show.

After the light show we took a stroll down The Avenue of the Stars, which is very similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, only it’s for Chinese actors. And at the end of the Ave is this life size statue of Bruce Lee.

Very cool!

The prize of the night goes to these Chinese street performers who absolutely butchered some classic American songs.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that we won’t be seeing their statue on the Ave anytime soon. Great entertainment however! Even if it does make me want to go crawl back into bed and jab q-tips deep into my aural cavity.

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