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StreamOfConsciousness. The Argentina Variety

A couple random thoughts about Argentina.

In keeping with my tradition of taking it upon myself to alter an entire countries flag, I thought I would go ahead and give Argentina a new slogan:

“Argentina; It’s amazing no one gets killed driving here!”

I think they are trying to be a “green country” and save on electricity by not installing any traffic signals. Cars will just drive down perpedicular streets, and somehow, someway one of the cars will know to stop and give way to the other. I have yet to figure it out, but until I do I’ll be clutching to my seatbelt. It’s pure pandemonium!

Which brings me to my next thought, er rather made-up-word: PanJamonIum. That’s all they eat here. Pan & Jamon (aka Bread and Ham). So I’ve coined the new word of panjamonium. Notify Webster.

They also eat Dulce De Leche on their pan. Which is quite delicious. And it’s laced with sugar which is probably why I’m still awake on this 14 hour bus ride from Mendoza to Buenous Aires. That and the fact that it’s about 38 degrees celcius here. For those of you on the Farenheit scale, just know that 38 degrees is REALLY friggin hot! How hot is it? It’s so hot that in about 6 more degrees you could turn ham into bacon. I guess you could say it’s 6 degrees of seperation between Jamon and Kevin Bacon.

Don’t forget to tip your waitress. I’ll be here all night. Sweating.


Gawd I love you!!! Miss you like mad

Panjamonium is a very clever word! Mmmmm, dulce de leche…Well, TripAdvisor.com came out with the world’s dirtiest hotels. Your rant about that place you stayed a few weeks ago belongs there! Dad and I are off to Mexico on Sunday – I think it’s pretty warm there (high 80’s, but cooler at night). I’m looking forward to hearing about Brazil, Carnivale, etc. The lack of stoplights reminded me of San Miguel.

have you heard the story of the bombed church after ww2 and the statue they found …thought it was essen london or essexondon..supposedly called the church od the Holy redeemer..found your site…wish you would have had a vieo and taken me with you on you tube.. I had ,for a better name a stroke ,3 years ago and never typed..my children got me this and it has been wonderful therapy for me.. want to go back and read more of who you are.. how blessed you are.. I soon 74..we have 8 children and 20 grandchildren and 1 great… My Gene was a football coach and then an administrator..loves history.. Thank you for sharing and I am saying a prayer for you Jason and all you love.. nana/maggie

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