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Santa Fe

It’s an artsy little town with all adobe styled buildings, many of which are filled with galleries. You’ll also find lots of friendly people, lots Native Americans selling silver & turquoise jewelery, and lots of REALLY GOOD Mexican food! If you ever wander through Santa Fe, be sure to stop by Cafe Pasqual’s for some food. I ate breakfast there and ended up walking out with a tub-o-salsa it was soooo good!

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I was once stuck in a shop there because it started raining and I ended up spending $300. on beautiful Native American jewelry! Both the traditional and the contemporary designs are so beautiful (the good stuff, not the commercial stuff). I love the range of colors of turquoise, from the greenish kind veined with black, to the pure blue of the New Mexico skies. I love the distinct styles of jewelry made by the Navajo, the Zuni, the Hopi. And don’t get me started on Navajo rugs, which I would collect by the truckload if I could afford to!

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