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Geeking Out

Opening day of the new Space Shuttle Endeavour exhibit at The California Science Center. Oh COME ON!! Let me just take it for one quick spin around the planet! I promise I won’t scratch it!

Staring At The World Through My Rearview

“Just looking back at the world, from another level, ya know what I mean?”

Back In Bogota, Briefly

By taking advantage of some favorable flight routing we managed to get a free trip to Colombia. It’s technically just a 12-hour layover in Bogota, but that’s plenty of time to see some sights, especially if we take another Bogota Bike Tour. We ended up just pulling an all-nighter since the departing flight was early in the morning, but we met some really cool open-minded people that just ‘get it’ and it’s always nice running into kindred spirits like that!

Old Town Quito

It’s a good thing cameras work without air because the air is really thin way up here in Quito at 9,350 feet ASL. I’ve head of some issues regarding safety in this city, but so far this UNESCO World Heritage Site has been nothing but pleasant experiences.

Middle Earth

There are some very strange things happening here in the middle of the world!

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