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Perfect Public Transportation

If there was any ever doubt as to the global strength of China, look no further than the Hong Kong subway system. It is as close to the most flawless system I’ve ever encountered. High-speed trains departing every 3 minutes. Completely intuitive maps and routing information. Highly informational on-board position tracking. And just look at these lovely color coded stations.

I’ve often thought that the key to any modern civilization is public transportation. If you can’t get people where they need to be, when they need to be there, your growth will be stunted. Getting that system in place is of course a classic chicken-and-egg problem! Hong Kong has the whole damn hen house.

Kolor Lumpur

I can’t think of too many places that are as diverse as good ol’ US of A. Kuala Lumpur however is one of them.

Unbelievably Tasty!

Have you ever tasted anything THIS good?

Kuala Lumpur makes me want to visit the naked city of São Paulo. On a related note, you should watch The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Siem Reap

Fish and Pony Show

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