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Lodi Dodi, It’s A Gaudí Party

I admit it, I’m a tourist. As a tourist I feel it is within my touristic duties to sit on the top of a open-air double-decker ‘bus turistic’ and take photos of local landmarks, cuz isn’t that what tourists do?? All I need now is a fanny pack and some sunscreen on my nose and I’ll fit right in. If you ever get the chance to be a tourist in Barcelona like me, I’d highly recommend taking the red line (ruta roja) tourist bus. It runs about every 5-minutes and stops at some of the cities major attractions.

Travel Tip: Most people start the trip at Plaça de Catalunya which is just north of La Rambla. If you don’t get to the bus stop bright and early, there will be a long line of people. Just about everyone wants to sit up top for the best views. The trick is to take a seat on the bottom level as you’ll get on a bus sooner, and then at the very first stop, when people get off, then move to the upper deck.

Once on the bus, they will give you a set of cheap blue earbuds and you can listen to a recorded tour (available in 9 languages). After the tour, it’s tradition (apparently) to toss your earbuds on top of the bus stop overhang.

One of the recurring themes of the audio guide is all of the architecture by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. His building designs are unmistakable and unlike anything you’ve ever seen. One of the first stops on the tour is at Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família which is just one of Gaudís works.

He actually worked on this temple for 40 years! If you think that’s a long time to work on a building, that’s nothing! This temple is in perpetual development! Construction of this landmark began in 1882, and as you can see from the photo, still goes on today! When asked why it’s taken so long, Gaudí replied “My client is not in a hurry.” His client here of course being god! Hahah.

A few more stops along the route (and a few Gaudí buildings later) you will come to the stop for Park Güell. When you come to this stop, get off the bus. Immediately. Do not pass go. Do not collect two-hundred euros. Just get off the bus and walk up the hill to your right for about a quarter mile to find the entrance to Park Güell.

This park as you may have guessed was also designed by Mr. Gaudí. Entrance to the park is free and you can easily spend a couple hours just wandering all over the grounds marveling at the bizarre twists and turns of the unique architecture.

And if you like mosaics (mom)…

…you’ll love this park, as almost everything is covered in elaborate yet somewhat random mosaics as you can see in the terraces curvy benches…

…and multicolored mosaic dragon.

Walking further up into the park…

…reveals even more peculiar stone archways…

…and spectacular views of the city of Barcelona…

Gaudí is clearly another one of those rare madd geniuses, and it was a pleasure taking a stroll through his mind here in his park.


So you want to look like this guy?

Doh! I forgot the sunscreen. I’ll have to photoshop it in…

Hahah! Nice PS work!

Jason, I could have turned you on to Gaudi many years ago but I don’t think it would have had the same impact. You seem to be turning into quite a museum-goer. I knew that gene of mine would kick in sooner or later!

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