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Old Town Quito

It’s a good thing cameras work without air because the air is really thin way up here in Quito at 9,350 feet ASL. I’ve head of some issues regarding safety in this city, but so far this UNESCO World Heritage Site has been nothing but pleasant experiences.

Middle Earth

There are some very strange things happening here in the middle of the world!

Lotsa Lava

Over on Isabela island we hiked to the top of the 1,124 meter tall Sierra Negra volcano. It is one of the most active of the Galapagos volcanoes with the most recent historic eruption in October 2005. Afterwards we were treated to one of the most amazing sunsets ever!

Iguana Crossing

And flamingos and turtles and dogs and people and crabs and sea lions and finches and so much more on Isabela island. It’s like I’m living inside a personal terrarium.

Scuba With Sea Lions

Scuba diving in The Galapagos is certainly one of my top 3 dive sites. The sea lions are SO playful and follow you around the chilly waters, and even come close to the hammer-head sharks! I lost count of all the turtles we saw down there. I didn’t bother taking photos while diving because I didn’t want to be distracted trying to operate a camera and instead wanted to fully focus (no pun intended) on the marine life and take it all in with my own eyes. This was too special to just watch it through a viewfinder! But after the dive I took a bunch of photos at the local fish processing port. Here are those photos for your viewing pleasure.

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