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Hoi An

A quaint little town in the middle of Vietnam where the streets are lined with tailors and seamstresses that can make any custom fitted outfit that you can dream up in a matter of hours.

The lunar new year is just around the corner. You can feel it in the air — hence the masks.

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A Brief Pause for Station Identification

It’s important to note that as American’s writing this blog you must take everything here with a grain of sodium. Lots and lots of sodium. Since what seems weird and unique to us (dog head stew) is actually quite normal for the locals. And from time to time we ‘mericans have a slight craving for a little taste of home. Fortunately (or unfortunately) it’s not hard to find a KFC, McDonalds, or Burger King no matter where in the world you may find yourself. So I thought I’d share this little gem of an article comparing and contrasting the advertised classic ‘merican meals with the actual product delivered. Please enjoy these Fast Food Ads

Controlled Chaos

I rolled into Hanoi at about midnight, and I should have known by the way the cab driver was driving that this was going to be one unforgeable experience! That evening didn’t even prepare me for the controlled chaos that would be revealed the next morning. They say that if you want to safely cross the street here, just close your eyes and start walking. I believe it. And the way in which they are able to balance the most awkwardly shaped objects on their tiny two-wheeled scooters is worthy of any carnival act. I saw everything from trees, to dogs, to families, to dressers, to doors and even birds being transported on the back, front and sides of these mopeds.

Hanoi Vietnam – Unlike Anywhere Else

So many unique sites, sounds, and “food” that no words nor pictures can describe the experience sufficiently. You MUST come here to experience it yourself. But bring a face mask as the air quality is pretty horrible. *cough*

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